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Scholarships Awarded by the VA OSIA Foundation

Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America

The Virginia OSIA Foundation 2024 Scholarships

​The Virginia OSIA Foundation is pleased to announce that four academic excellence- based scholarships totaling $3,500 are available for 2024.  The Foundation encourages eligible and deserving students to apply for any or all of these scholarships. 

Available scholarships for 2024

The Virginia OSIA Foundation Scholarship -- $1,000.00

The Joesph Fulton Memorial Scholarship -- $1,000.00

The John F. Asiello Scholarship -- $1,000.00

​The Grand Lodge of Virginia Scholarship -- $500.00 

For the first three scholarships, applicants must be accepted into or currently enrolled in a full-time undergraduate (four year minimum) or graduate degree program in any course of study at an accredited institution of higher learning.  For the Grand Lodge of Virginia Scholarship, students must be accepted into or currently enrolled in a community college or trade school.


Applications must be postmarked no later than

April 15, 2024

Kathy A Drummond, Scholarship Committee Chair, at of 703-368-5039.