Grand Lodge of Virginia OSDIA

Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America

Organization Purpose 

To enroll in our membership all persons of Italian birth or descent, regardless of religious faith or political affliliation, who believe in the fundamental concept that society is based upon the principles of law and order, and who adhere to a form of government founded upon the belief in God and based upon the Constitution of the United Sates of America, which government rests upon the proposition that all men are created equal and functions through the consent of the governed 


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Our Mission 

To keep alive the cultural attachments to the traditions of the land of our ancestors
To encourage dissemination of Italian culture in the United States

To defend and uphold the prestige of the people of Italian birth or descent in America
To promote civic education among its members
To promote the moral, intellectual and cultural well-being of our membership
To encourage the active participation of our membership in political, social and civic life of our communities.
To initiate and organize movements for charitable and humanitarian purposes, to join and support similar meritorious movements initiated by other organizations or groups